Artificial Intelligence

SLS Technology provides real-world businesses with customized blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure, upgrading their internal and external work flow, network infrastructure, and software in the process.


Scalable Web3 Solution

SLS Technology promotes the development of Web3 sidechain applications to provide scalable and efficient blockchain infrastructure. Businesses are given the opportunity to take advantage of dedicated frameworks to launch blockchain solutions for specific use cases.


Innovative Vision

As companies such as Amazon, IBM and Walmart have discovered, blockchain technology can be used to improve businesses efficiency such as data tracking, shipping and logistics. This is especially important for Web3 Userflow because its clients are large corporations with a high number of suppliers and channels.

SLS Products

We solve pressing problems in finance and real-world businesses with solutions that are tailored to user's needs, as well as customized web3 services.


Web3 AAS

SLS Connector is a bridge between blockchain platform and companies, offering both business customized blockchain solutions as well as Web 3 as a Services - where businesses can use our cloud-based solutions to build and host their blockchain functions and smart contracts.



SLS IoT Framework enables business partners to share and access IoT data with each others in a trustless manner. This tamper-resistant record of shared transactions can be used to build trust among all permissioned network members, which is vital the modern web3 workflow.


Web3 Finance

Smart Link Finance is a solution that allows businesses to send and receive payments with greater security and transparency over blockchain. With Smart Link Finance, businesses can set up payment and collection processes (For example: DAO or SWAP) automatically.


Supply Chain

In a globally connected business environment, fast, secure and cost-efficient supply chains are essential. SLS Supply Chain Framework will provide product authenticity, as well as responsible sourcing and transparency for all supply chain participants, client and consumers.

Our Strength

Trustless - WinWin - Integrity - Social - Royalty



Eliminate the trust issues and worries while conducting business with competitors and partners in SLS Ecosystem.



The SLS Ecosystem allows every participant to reap the benefits they help create.



SLS is committed to fighting climate change and protecting the environment by only allowing green blockchains/technologies in the SLS ecosystem.


Social Media

Social media serves as a powerful platform for brand recognition, and SLS is fully embraced in the blockchain-based social media journey to drive brand recognition to our partners.


Royalty Rewards

Our World-First Enterprise Royalty Reward program provides an incentive for businesses to participate in SLS Ecosystem.


Our roadmap outlines the development milestones of our blockchain project, including system development, testing, and optimization, leading up to the mainnet launch.

SLS Ecosystem

SLS Ecosystem is a group of visionary entrepreneurs and technology experts who work together to translate their ideas into real-world businesses.

SLS Community

Join us on social media to stay up to date on the latest news and developments, or just have a chat.

Developer Resources

The documentation section includes a get started guide, SDK information and tutorials.

Become SLS Validator

Secure the network by running a validator node and earn royalties.


The SLS is spread over thousands of independent nodes — which means that your transactions are always safe.

  • Identity verification
  • IOT verification
  • Participate in DAO
  • Web3 Service Fee
  • Business License
  • Transaction Fee
  • Enterprise Connector License
  • Staking
  • Investment
  • Other Defi function (Loan, Private Defi)
Nodes System
  • Validator Program
  • Developer Node

Connectors who collaborate with the SLS Blockchain Project can introduce new organizations/businesses to the SLS Ecosystem. By doing so, they can earn SLS tokens and help expand the SLS ecosystem with new partners. Additionally, Developer Partners can contribute to the ecosystem by developing frameworks, DApp and smart contracts related to these organizations. This approach benefits Connectors and Developer Partners while also bringing new and diverse partners into the SLS ecosystem, promoting its growth and expanding its real-world use cases.


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Technology Partners

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